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Project Description
ForumsBrowser makes it easier for MSDN Forums participants to keep up-to-date on their favorite forums, and easily access the forums as well. This means you can close all the tabs on your browser and lose the bookmarks. It's developed in C# as a WPF application.

Updates! (as of June 25, 2009)

In addition to some performance improvements and general bug-fixing, probably the most significant change to the Forums Browser application is the addition of the MiniView. The MiniView allows you quick access and quick analysis of threads, including a tooltip that shows a portion of the latest post. This can allow you to determine if you're interested in the thread or not simply by hovering your mouse over the thread's item in the list. This new tooltip has also been added to the main view as well.

Here's the view of the MiniView when hovered over:


And here's the image when it's simply residing on the desktop:


Also, some formatting changes have been put in place to allow for a better reading experience. Some of the fonts have been changed for appearance and readability:


Lastly, one thing that has been overlooked in the past by a few people is the ability to easily browse to the thread, simply by double clicking on the thread view. When viewing a particular thread, simply double click on the surface of the thread, and you'll notice the viewer immediately changes to a web browser, which can allow you to respond to the thread easily and simply from within the application:


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